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Empowering Creativity

Our Yem-B products are made by crafters that has either been through a Knoop Academy training program, or have been incorporated because of their natural skill and talent. All suppliers have gone through an induction program to teach them our values, ensure they understand the importance of producing quality products on time, every time. 

Products are often made by more than one crafter. The crafters meet every Friday as part of their Enterprise development program with us. Crafters are suppliers to us, through their own small enterprise. We order from them, and pay on delivery and do not keep stock on consignment. 

Proceed Ngcobo | Sewing Trainer | Furniture making​.

Nonhlanhla Mciha | Embroidery | Crochet

Justice Khumalo | Leather work

Tholakele Mseleku | Crochet trainer

Busiswe Madlala | Beadwork

Proceed started sewing at a young age, taught by her mother, a proficient dress maker. Proceed has always been a curious learner, and has done a few different skills courses to empower herself, to improve the lives of her children. Wanting to have a more formal sewing qualification, Proceed signed up for a sewing program with Knoop Academy in 2021 and became our sewing trainer shortly after. We don’t only use Proceeds’ services as a seamstress and trainer, as a qualified furniture maker, she is also the brainchild behind our ottoman frames, which she makes from scratch. Proceed is married, stays in Chesterville and is mother to four young children. Her passion is to empower other women to break the cycle of poverty. As a qualified trainer, she can work in this field and help others discover their own income generating talents.

Justice stays in Kwangcolosi, in the Valley of a 1000 Hills. Justice is a very dedicated and proud farther of 3 girls. Justice is a qualified Floor installer but has recently been exposed to leather work through the Yem-B program. Justice is a complete natural and we are amazed at his progress in a very short time. Since being exposed to the craft of leather, he has become more and more curios. He would love to one day make his own pair of shoes and is currently working on designs of his own. Justice loves drawing, and we have often noticed a very creative side to him, we wish to develop more. He has a natural eye for proportions and design.

All the way from Kwamakhutha, Tholakele joined the Knoop team in 2019 as a crochet trainer. She was taught crochet at the early age of 14 by her grandmother. She has to date trained almost 50 Knoop learners on how to start their own business making beautiful crochet products. Tholakele is also qualified as a HIV counsellor and community health worker. Thola, as she is affectionately known has a natural tendency for learners to open up to her with regards to personal struggles or problems at home. This puts us in the position to offer support through our network of organisations that specialises in various trauma support services. Tholakele is a successful businesswoman in her right and employees two crafters that help her serve her clients. Her biggest passion in life is to see her graduates start their own successful businesses!

Busi is responsible for all our beaded products. Busi started beadwork in 2009, as she wanted to be self-employed, rather than be a domestic worker. Her mother passed away when she was in matric and have had to defend for herself ever since. She learned the skill of beadwork from a friendly neighbour and has since taken her work to international runways and tradeshows in both Europe and the USA. Busi is married with two children and stays Kwanyuswa. Busi is a strong believer, and attributes her success to hard work and the favour of God in her life.

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