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Crocheted Animal Range

Our beautiful animal range is hand crocheted from left over yarn from carpet manufacturing. Not only does the products create an income for our crafters, it also utilizes postindustrial textile waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Each product is individually hand crafted, durable, won't fade and can be cleaned with carpet shampoo. 



Crocheted handbags

Classic addition to any wardrobe! Bags are hand crocheted from left over yarn from carpet manufacturing, once again following our ethos of using post-industrial textile waste to create beautiful products. All bags are lined with our signature lining, made from 50% recycled fabric. The print on the linings consists of quotes from our Seta training feedback forms, a wonderful walk down memory lane of the impact we have had on the lives of many crafters. 

The lined crochet bag provides an income for three different crafters, namely crochet, sewing and leather workers. 



Leather Candle Wraps

Spice up any plain candle with our re-usable leather candle wraps. 


Handmade Leather Bags

This beautiful range of handbags are made from veg tan leather, making it extremely durable. The veg tan process is friendlier to the environment, as no harmful chemicals are used in the tanning process. The bags are laser cut and then hand sewn. 



Handmade earrings

We are all about managing waste, and that includes our own waste! Our earrings are made from either leather or left over yarn from our products. 



Leather Christmas decorations

Bring a level of African charm and class to your Christmas tree with our range of handmade leather Christmas decorations. 

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